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The Watchtower Society provides a legal help packet for it’s members involved in custody battles with their former mates. The following is a paragraph from the Watchtower Society’s publication entitled Our Kingdom Ministry.

“A packet of legal materials is available when publishers are involved in lawsuits over child custody and visitation. The packet contains court decisions and other materials designed to assist an attorney who is representing a publisher whose parental fitness is being challenged because of his or her religious beliefs or practices. The Society’s Legal Department should be contacted by the body of elders if (a) court papers or legal documents indicate that the publisher’s religion is going to be attacked; (b) apostate literature, a religious expert, or a former Witness will be used to testify against the publisher; (c) a pretrial deposition of the publisher will be taken; or (d) a psychological examination or home study is scheduled. The packet offers no assistance in cases involving secular issues such as support and property.”(Our Kingdom Ministry August 1992, Vol 35, N0. 8)

The Watchtower Society retains a staff of attorneys who often work in behalf of Jehovah’s Witnesses parents to gain custody of their children so they can be raised in the cult.

The difficulty for the Non-Witness parent is that most of their attorneys are not prepared to deal with issues and problems posed when fighting to get kids out of this cult. Most often the result of typical custody battles is to have shared custody. This is generally a 50/50 arrangement with no restrictions on the physical and psychological endangerment to the children by way of the training and practices of the Jehovah’s Witness parent.

Here are a couple of examples of actual case results in which ECC was engaged. The first one involved the Jehovah’s Parent (we call “C”) and our client (we call “B”):

(1) C shall not invite and /or take [child] to any meeting of the Jehovah’s Witnesses being held at a Kingdom Hall, a residence, or any other location, without B’s permission.

(2) C shall take any and all reasonable precautions and actions to ensure that no one else, gives to [child], or read to [child] from, any books, publications, literature, or other written material, or listen to any audio productions or view any video productions, published or prepared by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, Inc., or any of its affiliated entities, or of any Jehovah’s Witnesses, without B’s permission.

In another case case, the court mandated that:

The involvement or conduct may have an adverse effect on the child’s best interests because of the existence of the factors which follow:
1. Mother is concerned about some of the teachings of Father’s chosen religion (Jehovah Witness) and the effect is has seemingly had on [child].

Major Decisions

Major decisions regarding each child shall be made as follows:

  • Education decisions: mother
  • Non-emergency health care: mother
  • Religious upbringing: mother
  • Extra Curricular Activities: mother

At ECC we believe in sole custody for our clients, the non-Jehovah’s Witness parents. Additionally, it is important to include full restrictions against the Jehovah’s Witness parent from training of the child into the cult. If you want to protect your child through the expertise that has resulted in many cases being decided for the non-Witness parent then call Expert Custody Consultants today for a free initial consultation.

Let us help you get your kids out of the Watchtower jail and get your life back!

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